No Strings Attached (2011)

Has it been so long ago that sweet Mathilda came on stage in Leon: The Professional? I guess that’s how it goes but enough of my sad story. I was thinking how grown up Natalie Portman is. Well actually in 2004 Closer her character was no little girl. Looking at her resume of movies the lady has a great career with perhaps the best yet to come. Since Black Swan this is a nice change to something lighter and some laughs. On her own I don’t see her all that funny but throw in Ashton Kutcher and a cast of friends well its a good formula. I don’t know if equal rights of men and women are all present today but do we need to see men’s naked behinds?

Natalie Portman is Emma a woman who takes care of herself hence doesn’t need a man to take care of her. (I would like a lady to take care of me). Ashton Kutcher is Adam a guy with no commitments and no career of his choice. Carefree but not so lucky with the ladies especially when his father Alvin played by Kevin Kline plays a famous actor. Sometimes the ladies are interested in his Father more than Adam Ouch! From a young age Adam and Emma run into each other. After a drunken stupor Adam ends up naked at Emma’s apartment. It was over from there but lets watch the whole movie. Emma suggest to use each other for sex and nothing else. Silly kids and the games they play. During Emma and Adam playing doctor all over the place. Roommate Patrice played by Greta Gerwig was falling in love with Adams friend Eli played by Jake M. Johnson. It seems that’s how it happens your deep in steamy affair and one day your friend tells you their in love. What’s up with Cary Elwes playing as Dr. Metzner? My favorite is Lake Bell as Lucy. I think she is beautiful and is very funny. I’m shocked she’s not a huge star or is she? (sorry I don’t get out much) Your going to laugh at me but I must admit I loved her in Over Her Dead Body with Paul Rudd and Eva Longoria. I thought Lake Bell made the show, Ok Paul Rudd too!

Back to the movie at hand. The movie had a good pace. I liked the chemistry between the main characters. The side storys to me definitely added appeal for the movie. Kevin Kline was funny as the Dad. Emma’s roommates were interestingly mixed. I don’t want to get on pretty boy’s case Ashton Kutcher can quickly be that dude. He has surprised me with movies like The Butterfly Effect. I also liked him in The Guardian with Kevin Costner as Coast guards. Lastly Spread with Anne Heche was very entertaining roll. I would like to hear some thoughts about his experience making the movie. Did some aspect touch home or was it a role to get into. Getting a bit off the movie should not suggest I didn’t like the movie. I had a good time watching this romantic comedy with some drama mixed in. I’m even surprised how much I like the movie. Very funny and not too much sentimental needing tissue or running to the bathroom. Not that I do any of that.


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