We Are The Night (2010)

I have always been a fan of Vampire lore. It’s been relatively quite for me. I’ve seen the Twilight series and I think its a fine flick for teenage girls. It’s been long over due for an adult vampire movie. A classic not to be missed Dracula (1992) with a memorable Gary Oldman as Dracula. One of my favorites was Blade: Trinity(2004). One of the best I think. Next I think of 30 Days of Night with Josh Hartnett and Mellisa George in 2007. Then there is the original of course Let the Right On In (2008). I can’t forget Kate Bekinsale as the sexy Selene in Underworld (2003). As you can see I like vampires. I heard about this movie browsing through wordpress blogs. It’s a shame not to watch a movie just because it has subtitles. Although with action it can be a challenge but I managed so I think others can multitask (cliché I know).

One thing about any good movie is (to some a surprise) a story line. Without it doesn’t matter how much money put into it. Big names can draw attention but without a story you might as well watch an actors interview about past work (great). For the majority of the movie I thought the story was interesting. Followed with a great cast and production you have a vampire movie worth talking about. Yes folks it’s cool to be a vampire again. Beautiful women, fast cars and the best of everything. I don’t know if it’s only the Germans but they seem to always have cool clubs.

The story starts with Lena played by Karoline Herfurth. Lena is a thief making due with poverty and an absent mother. Lena follows some men and ends up in a night club. It seems it was an old amusement park. Lena looking to pick pocket unsuspecting dancers. Nina Hoss plays Louise leader of the vampire trio. After a short cat and mouse. Louise bites Lena. For some reason she is thrown and Lena escapes. I don’t get the reason for this any one enlighten me. Lena becomes sick and the next day she gets burned by the morning sun. She goes to the bathroom only to her horror there is no reflection of herself. That was cool but the best was to come as her final transformation.

I enjoyed the different vampire characters. Louise the leader very confident keeping her group safe. She longs for someone special. Anna Fischer plays Nora who seems the younger of the three. Playful and very welcoming to Lena the newest to the group. Jennifer Ulrich plays Charlotte. She displays the burden of being immortal. Long ago loosing her family but she had never forgotten them. I find the mixture of characters addictive.

Lena has trouble with her new world. She falls apart after watching a guard get killed. She has two worlds one with Louise and friends. The other her past and a police man who has taken a liking to her. Looking back I see a tragic vampire tale. Beauty, immortal seemingly perfect life. It’s an ageless question to live forever. Something inside us deep down knows its not possible and probably would never work. Yet we romanticize still long live the night. I recommend watching with someone you’d like to get close too. We only have this moment baby!


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