The Horde (2009)

A French zombie movie. Right! your thinking this I have to see. Are foreign movies getting better this days? Huh! I have always loved foreign flicks but their seems to be a bigger genre of movies especially the kind I love horror. I wouldn’t call it low budget. The scenes take place in a condemn building. It’s simple but the scene are very well done. I mean it’s quality zombie fest. The cast are new to me but I did recognize Erig Ebouaney his done some fine films. I liked his character in Femme Fatale he plays a bad ass very well.

I didn’t really get the beginning but basically a cop was killed and his partners were looking for revenge. Led by Ouessem played by Jean-Pierre Martins. After dark Ouessem and his fellow cops enter a building to the top floor. They prepare to enter a room with some explosives. What ever happen to ramming the door go in shooting. Instead one man is shot. The explosives goes off injuring another and the bad guys come out guns pointing to their heads. Not really like we saw it go down. Makes me wonder how good can these police be? They are a danger to themselves.

The bad guys are well bad! Led by Adewale played by Eriq Edouaney. His brother Bola played by Doudou Masta. Adewale and his crew are not to be messed with. Bola kills a hostage out of rage with the cops. So far this is still just a crime drama. Until the hostage that was tied up and full of bullet holes is making a bunch of noise behind a closed door. One of Adewale’s crew opens the door only to find a crazed man and strong as hell. Every one fires their weapons but the man is still moving. Every zombie movie gets at my nerves it always takes people a long time to figure out they have to shoot at the zombie’s head. It’s the only way to kill the dead hello! Is it the intentions of the movie to mess with me like that Oh! That is just cruel.

There are some characters that stand out to me. First crazy veteran thinks his killing chinks in a war. Its funny and the guy was nuts. Aurore played by Claude Perron is one of the cops. At first this lady didn’t seem like much. In fact I thought she would be killed quickly. After getting smacked by another cop who was turning into a zombie. Aurore turns out to be a ruthless survivor. I really liked this movie and would recommend watching to anybody who likes horror flicks. The zombies were crazed to eat and they moved fast. To make matters worse there are a lot of zombies in the hundreds. I should end this post by saying I had a pleasant sleep so happy.


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