Ip Man 2 (2010)

The first Ip man was a welcome surprise. The first had this old school feel of a time long ago gone. Of course the man or should I say the story of Ip Man. Incredibly kind yet a Martial arts Master kicking some serious butt. Could they do it again or even top the first? I thought the first movie covered a lot of the man with great fighting scenes. It’s funny to me but my first thought of the sequel was they spent more money on this movie. It seem a little funny to me, the film felt more modern put nothing to complain about. Another thought about Ip Man was sometimes I felt he’s just too kind. You know in the end there’s going to be some fighting.

Like the first movie there is a great combination between a man and his way of life based on his Wing Chun martial arts. The other side is the martial arts. I like that Ip man has very good adversaries. That’s important if your going to be thought of as the best. I don’t have a favorite fight scene because they are all different and entertaining. I’m reminded of Jackie Chan who never really hurts anyone seriously. When Ip man really is mad he puts a serious hurt on you but still has self control to stop. Not me I would go crazy and break some necks I lack self control.

In a new town with his family Ip man is just trying to provide for his family. As soon as he starts a new school the locals make trouble for the quiet man. In order to prove his ability Ip Man fights Master Zhen. The fight is on a table and it’s very slippery. The new students have a lot to learn. Not only the fighting but like their teacher a way of life. It’s hard to describe the obvious is learning to fight so you don’t have to. Mainly I think you have self confidence knowing you don’t have to prove anything. Fortunate for us movie goers some people never learn until they get their behind beat up a bit. The fight with the British fighter the main fight was good. I was surprised Ip Man was getting a beat down.

Their are a lot of martial arts movies and really I hope they never stop. I would say both Ip Man movies are a must see for any martial arts fan. As a movie I like the way the story develops and plenty of mix with fighting and the human touch. Donnie Yen as Ip Man doesn’t talk a lot but his character fits this way. New characters like Ip Man’s new students give it a fresh feel. Some old friends come back and always Ip Man’s code of life. Sometimes I would think dude your not going to make it. I guess I’m too much of a westerner. At the end there was some fun with a young Bruce Lee wanting to learn Wing Chun. Once a student of Ip Man who influence Bruce Lee’s style of fighting. Great fighting wouldn’t mind seeing this Wing Chun flick again. I have to say the first Ip Man was classic and still the best.


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