UFC 129 post views

Starting the nights fights.
Mark Bocek vs Ben Henderson
Henderson is the better striker. Bocek if he could hold top position on the ground that would be his best chance. I don’t see a submission Henderson is too good on the ground. Back and forth with Henderson doing the most damage. Bocek gets a head cut in the second. Seems to me Henderson just has more striking tools mixing up his game. Ben Henderson wins unanimous decision

Vladimir Matyushenko vs Jason Brilz
Matyushenko has a reach and makes quick work of Brilz. Starts out with a nice upper cut finishing with ground and pound Winning by KO!

Yves Jabouin vs Pablo Garza
Time allowed gives us a great fight. Jabouin had some nice leg kicks. Both fighter good at striking and not waiting bringing the fight. Garza having a long reach but not an advantage until the end with a nice triangle from a standing position. That’s the first time I’ve seem that setup for a triangle in a live fight. Garza wins by submission

Randy Couture vs Lyotto Machida
I feel Machida might surprise people with some good ground and pound. (OK I was wrong on that one) First round seem all Machida to me. I wouldn’t believed it but I seen it myself. Machida lands a great flying front kick. Machida wins KO

Ivan Menjivar vs Charlie Valencia
Time allowing an extra fight. Ivan Menjivar lands a vicious elbow dropping Valencia. A replay shows Valencia’s nose being crushed ouch! After some ground and pound Menjivar wins by TKO

Jose Aldo vs Mark Hominick
I think Aldo is too good. Both fighters seem very fast but Aldo landing the better punches. Aldo changing the game by going to the ground. Second round Aldo looking tired and continues to go to the ground. Hominick gets rocked and Aldo finishes on the ground. A closer fight I’m surprised. Aldo seems to be hurting Hominick more who is slowly fading. I have to give Hominick more credit I didn’t think he could go into the last round. The majority of the fight its Aldo. Only the last two minutes Hominick on top with Aldo just holding on. Joe Rogan is saying Aldo was tired and Hominick has a chance. I think Aldo didn’t want to hit Hominick with a huge lump on his head and bleeding from the other eye. So on to the judges, Jose Aldo wins by decision

George St-Pierre vs Jake Shields
The question I’m not sure is can Shields take St-Pierre down? (well I guess thats a big no) Mainly a feel out rounds but Pierre having the best success. 2nd round about the same with Pierre showing good strikes. Both fighters bleeding but I think Pierre getting the better of it with a knock down from a leg kick to the head. Pierre failed to jump in and finish. Shields takes a punch well. Pierre is having trouble seeing out of his eye. I think Pierre could of landed leg kicks but did not take advantage instead he let Shields tough attitude keep him in the fight with a chance. St-Pierre wins by decision

John Makdessi vs Kyle Watson
Time allowed gave us another great fight. Watson taller was making a stand up fight. Both fighters throwing leg kicks a really busy fight each trying to find an advantage. Watson gets cut in the last round. Without any warning Makdessi fakes a leg kick and follows up with a spinning back fist and knocks out Watson I mean he’s out cold. Wow! I had to see that at least two more times!


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