Pardus 2011 Jump Off Experiment

After running a Live DVD of Pardus 2011. I decided to install and really see how I like it. If you care to read my post of the Live DVD click here. Like they always say backup before going forward just in case. The tricky part and no surprise to me was the partition. I probably know enough to really screw stuff up! With an Ubuntu install existing I made the partition smaller. The bootloader was done at the front meaning with the MBR. This would be fine for a single install. Problem I would soon learn in the boot menu there was no Ubuntu. So after the install was complete my first task is to add Ubuntu to the boot menu. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Searching for information seem limited. When I did find something it was in a different language. Thank goodness for Google translate. I was guided through boot manager. I found it interesting because this was new to me. After a reboot Ubuntu was on the boot menu and logged on no problems. I was looking at the partition manager in Pardus. One partition had Ubuntu good. One partition had Pardus only at 5gb. The rest was unused at least that’s what I thought. I used Gparted to make the partition for Pardus use up the remaining space. After using Gparted Live CD Pardus would not boot up. Yes folks this is me learning. What to do now? I reinstalled Pardus what else? Well at least that was my best idea. Second time around I made the partition to install Pardus 10gb. I read this was good in case the system had a problem my documents would be safe and the system would run smoother. The remaining partition was made as /home. Some 100gb. Would be used for the home folder. Reboot the system and everything seems to be working good.

I logged on Pardus now I start looking around. One thing I don’t like about KDE it seems by default you press a preview button to preview images. In Gnome this is by default. This I need to change. Setting>configure dolphin>General>Previews I selected video. Images were selected by default. One more setting View>Adjust View Properties I select show Preview & select use these view properties as default. That was pretty easy but took me some searching. The numbers lock (keyboard) is set off by default I’m glad there was a clear place for that setting to change no problem. I’m still not sure how I feel about the default desktop. The Desktop Folder is a widget. If I had a project one could use different folder views holding certain folders for quick access. But at home its not really all that necessary. Only thing it does keep the overall desktop organized its OK I guess.

Using Ubuntu printers at home have been pretty much working out of box. I have a Epson Stylus CX5000. I setup the printer with Pardus and it doesn’t work. Looking at the internet was difficult with limited information and language translation. This was not looking good for the future of Pardus on my computer. I have been spoiled with the ease that Ubuntu has been working. Just about tired of looking around with no hope I boot up Ubuntu and see how the printer is set up there. I see the driver and write it down. Went back to Pardus but this driver is nowhere to be found. I went to the cups web site and that made it seem worst. After some time and ready to give in. I think to look in the Package Manager and look for a package called Gutenprint. The package was there and things started to look a little brighter. After reinstalling the printer sure enough there it is the driver I need it’s “cups+gutenprint” I was so happy its sad I know.

I noticed my date and time was wrong. I would manually correct the time but after a reboot the time would be wrong again. I was feeling pretty disappointed with Pardus not being better setup. I was thinking there was a bug with the time & date. Once again looking at the web for answers and trying to fix it myself with a different setting but nothing seem to work. It’s a pattern isn’t it? Once again at the point of saying quit! I remembered I have a watch that used a world time GMT. The idea is you set it to your city. Seems pretty easy but it didn’t work for me. After some searching on the internet I noticed GMT time was six hours different from my time zone. I found a chart showing the time difference and Chicago was six hours from GMT. So my watch is set to Chicago time zone base on GMT. I hope some of this makes sense. In Pardus the time was six hours faster. I went to time & date settings under the time zone and set it to Chicago now the time/date works fine.

Now things are working I turn to the looks of the desktop. Some simple modifying like wallpaper, icons, window borders and themes. I don’t really like the setup just yet but the default has got to go. I do like the icons I found Black & White. What I’ve noticed all the trial and error has got me to like KDE more. Similar happen with Gnome. Except this time around I can’t help compare KDE with Gnome. Sure once you know how-to it seems pretty easy to customize your Desktop. The more I discover the features in KDE the future is promising. Using my mouse scroll wheel on the desktop moves me from different workstations. Using meta + = can zoom the view. Video, mp3 and DVD worked out of the box. Firefox had all flash and plugins working. Google’s Chromium browser seems a bit buggy. You can drag a program to one side and it will take up half the screen. This is good when I’m writing a post. One side with Firefox and the other half with Writer. Yes I believe I will keep Pardus 2011. Well honestly I have Ubuntu to fall back to if needed. Similar once ago I had Windows XP and Ubuntu for the first time. The last screenshot was changed pretty easily. The wallpaper is from Ubuntu 11.04 called Touch the light by Mark Katzenberger. I have to say how great open source and Linux distributions are. Besides time and a few DVD disc no money was spent. Ok! And a few aspirin. So many thanks to all who make Linux and open source possible. KDE is at 4.6 now at first it seem unstable at best. Looking forward to seeing what Linux distributions make use of Gnome3. I expect it to take some time. Maybe I’ll need another partitions?


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