Takers (2010)

I kept passing this movie many times. Sometimes your just not ready for male testosterone. On second look the trailer didn’t seem so bad. How bad could it be with Matt Dillon and Paul Walker. Well in truth I think its 50/50 but hey that pretty good right. During the movie I kept thinking could criminals really be so successful? With the idea of Ocean’s Eleven urban style. Also in the movie is Zoe Saldana. The lady is busy and I was curious what she would bring to this all male movie.

After the movie I thought who is the star? Matt Dillon and Paul Walker stood out because I’ve seen and liked their past work. I didn’t get the impression of a main character. First we have the police detectives. Matt Dillon as Jack Welles and Jay Hernandez as Eddie Hatcher. The criminals we have some brothers. Chris Brown as Jesse Attica and Michael Ealy as Jake Attica. Idris Elba as Gordon Cozier. Paul Walker as John Rahway. Hayden Christensen as A.J. Christensen sported some tattoos giving his character a bad boy look. It’s good Christensen finds new looks to get past the Stars Wars persona I think. T.I. As Ghost and I thought I had a bad name. How much do you hate your name to just be T.I.? The name of the game is robberies or as they call it Taking. T.I. Is in prison while his buddies are successfully taking and living the good life. Once T.I. Gets out he has plans to get back a life he feels was taken from him. He tells his old crew of a job of a life time. An armored van with potential of thirty million. I know your thinking who could pass that up right!

The movie has plenty of action. Like A.J. Fighting three men who are trying to steal from him. Jesse has an entertaining run from the police. In between the action is the human story. The detectives doing their job and dealing with their personal lives. Gordon Cozier has a sister hooked on drugs and after rehabs can’t get her life together. T.I. Use to date Lily played by Zoe Saldana. Lily is now with Jake. With all the action there was no time for romance. Zoe Saldana has the smallest of parts. Any development between either man never happen. Not even a quick trip to memory lane how they became friends the good old days. This I think the movie lacked. I liked the movie more than I thought I would but to make it memorable the human side is important. Was T.I. So in love or was it his ego? Paul Walker (John) seem more like a right hand man and nothing more. Gordon Cozier and his sister was good. The detectives struggling with work and personal live was good. Some characters we like because we connect at some level. Still worth watching very entertaining action. Lastly with such a male movie not much on the half naked beauties whats going on here?


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