Death Race 2 (2010)

Since stars wars showed us the possibility of a prequel, why not with Death Race? At first I thought not another one. How good can it be? Maybe your wondering aren’t you tired of being wrong? Well what can I tell ya! I don’t trust easily and it takes a while to warm up. I’m not one to jump both feet hoping for the best. I’m instead in the back watching and waiting to see. I liked the first movie Death Race. I’m not a huge fan of racing but I like fast cars and hot ladies. Oh! I mean fast cars with machine guns. In the first movie the character Frankenstein is interesting and the sequel tells his story.

Luke Goss plays Carl Lucas a.k.a. Frankenstein. After a robbery gone bad. Carl ends up in the worst prison. The prison run by a corporation needs to make money. They show on the net prisoners fighting to the death. But sadly the ratings are down. This media spectacle is run by September Jones played by Lauren Cohan. The woman is pretty and ruthless. Carl had a boss Markus Kane played by Sean Bean. Markus is afraid Carl will talk and turn against him for his freedom. Markus puts a contract on Carl. Just to spice things up don’t you think. Unlike the first Death Race Carl is not a bad guy but he is a criminal making bad choices. He makes friends with a crew lead by Goldberg played by Danny Trejo.

Without much revenue being made September Jones and Weyland dream up Death Race. Armed race cars with only five wins you get your freedom. To add a little spice each driver gets a partner a hot lady to help out. Tanit Phoenix plays Katrina Banks. Do we have time for a love angle, why yes we do. Don’t you just love a full menu? Carl’s car is sabotaged and he crashes with the help of another driver. Unable to get out Carl gets burned and nearly dies. By some miracle and with some vengeance on his side September Jones creates Frankenstein. To me the racing was good but we had already seen it. What I found interesting was the story of Frankenstein. The fun in the movie was the pay back? Sticking it to the man or woman what ever the situation. Yes we dream of some hidden desire to give them the finger. I was wrong they did make it better. I liked this movie more than the first popcorn anyone?


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