Black Swan (2010)

Besides beautiful ladies in the film. I was curious Natalie Portman won Oscar for her role. To me the trailer looked crazy in a bad way because it seem scattered. Honestly I didn’t think I would like it. But you never know. Thinking back to 1994. Natalie Portman played Mathilda in Leon: The Professional a favorite of mine. The young girl had a great performance then. I don’t know anything about ballet other that in most movies its a competitive profession on the edge of cruelty trying to be perfect. This movie was no different but it was different in the way it told the story.

Starring Natalie Portman as Nina a ballet dancer. Her whole life is ballet, we quickly see Nina has been sheltered from the world. From her own desire to be the best and her mother watching her every move. The current lead dancer Beth played by Winona Ryder surprised retirement. Gives Nina and the other dancers an opportunity, what they all dream about. It seems Nina is next in line but a new comer Lily played by Mila Kunis threatens her dreams. The movie feels strange because it develops as revealing Nina’s troubles manifesting into an altered reality in trying to cope with her pressures. This is where it’s chaotic and what is real or imagined is anybodies guess. This might sound good but I was on the verge of losing interest mid way through the movie. I can see why Portman won an Oscar her role was very intense. Most of the time I felt bad for her. Unlike horror movies which I love I was hopping the insanity would stop. I liked at times the soundtrack of the movie really fit well adding to the feeling. Over all the movie was very well done cast and all.

Not a lot of dancing I thought. I would of liked to see Winona Ryder dance on her toes. I have to say that is crazy how they do that. Mila Kunis plays a carefree bad girl and some moves as well. But the movie is all Natalie Portman and a great job indeed. I don’t really want to get into the disorders in the movie mainly because I don’t know what I’m talking about. But all this vomiting is not pretty. Seeing things or split personality it’s troublesome how messed up a person can be. The end is surprisingly beautiful and tragic as I imagined its suppose to be. All the chaos seems to come together at least for a moment when something beautiful is created. But you have to ask is it worth it. Well I recommend the movie just don’t expect some off beat dance movie. No it’s a serious drama with human complexity.


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