The Social Network (2010)

When I heard about this movie. I thought why is this interesting? I don’t get all the excitement. Then again I don’t Facebook or Twitter at all. Someone asked me if I had a Facebook page. I went to the site started a page. I looked around mainly for single ladies. Other than that I didn’t care for it. People post stuff and I don’t get the fascination. Is it some form of voyeurism? What I see is a great advertisement media. I could follow my favorite band. I’m just too old for all that nonsense. Sure I could hear it now, all the families that live apart. Yeah! Yeah! You could see I didn’t really have a lot of excitement for this movie. But being the youngest billionaire well that is something. I thought there would be a lot more sex. I guess money can’t buy happiness. Did Zuckerberg ever have fun?

Jesse Eiseberg has played similar role I was tired of the same old. I wonder is Mark Zuckerberg like is? If so he is a rich a$$4ole! From the beginning of the story he was a bitter man. The story goes he created Facebook and made billions. But when money is involved back stabbing is sure to follow. According to the movie Mark Zuckerberg was the back stabbing master. The movie goes back and forth from two separate parties suing Mark Zuckerberg. One his only friend Eduardo Saverin. Who Zuckerberg push out of Facebook. The second party was a couple of brothers who argue Zuckerberg stole their idea. After it was all over we see Zuckerberg all alone. His looking at the Facebook page of his ex-girlfriend. Oh! Probably got over it eventually. Money don’t buy happiness but it’s a great distractions. I should mention Justin Timberlake plays as Sean Parker which seem very funny. He seems to land roles where his this wimpy guy. I don’t dislike the guy he just seems cheesy.

It’s a toss up for me. I didn’t fall asleep but it’s hard to jump up and say watch this movie. I’m sure its because I don’t do Facebook. It was interesting the back stabbing but that was here and there not enough to drive the movie the whole time. The performance didn’t grab me either. Zuckerberg acts better than everybody when he talks its smart but was I hanging at every word? No! The brothers Winklevoss were funny at best. Watching someone else get rich before their eyes. It’s sad in our system they would get any money to me. Mainly because Zuckerberg did all the work and Severin and Parker helped get it out there. But it was Zuckerberg all the way. Any of these guys would have nothing without Zuckerberg. But let the legal system contort our souls. Have a friend rent it so you can watch it, then we can all move on. Did I just back stab your friend. I didn’t mean to!


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