Love & Other Drugs (2010)

From the movie trailer I thought it was a quirky comedy love story. Well it is but the whole serious drama I didn’t expect. Is it just me or do we love the beginning of a love story. How they meet and the silly things said. There is always that look from her. You know that look and smile. Well the cast is young and pretty for a modern society. Fast track is not just men, women are getting dirty too!

Jake Gyllenhall as Jamie and Anne Hathaway as Maggie make quite the pair. I wasn’t ready for all the nudity in the film. I’m not complaining I’m just surprised. There is a good supporting cast that make up the medical circle. Makes me crazy about this push for pills to fix everything. Jake Gyllenhaal brings a lot of charm as Jamie. Anne Hathaway brings a range of emotions. Similar range in her role in Rachel Getting Married. Except this movie includes the sensual side of a modern woman. I say modern because in the movie she definitely has her opinions, meaning shes not just a pretty face. I noticed a similarity with other love stories. When you love someone you see them with their flaws but also their potential. When they love you they tell you the truth, and they also help you up. Some people may not like the movie because of the pharmaceuticals and the topic of dying. Even still surprising in our modern age all the nudity is probably taboo. But I think if your going to tell a love story and explore the relationship is it not part of it to be sensual. It’s part of us yet some would deny and degrade others for revealing their nakedness. It’s just as important as asking yourself about accepting someone good or bad. Their crazy in the head, they have flaws or they have a terminal disease. Yet most us know we only have this moment and nothing else is for sure.

The movie is not all serious and not all naked. Plenty of laughs along the way. The couple have their laughs getting to know each other. I thought Jamie was going to have a heart attack. Turns out he was just saying those three words “ I Love You” (funny) Jamie’s brother Josh Gad throws in some comedy in the mix. Also Oliver Platt is usually funny. Hank Azaria does some funny characters. Thinking about it a few actors in the movie, who do comedy maybe to keep things from going dark. In the end I think the message is positive about being true to yourself. And possible there is no perfect relationship out there. I dare say if your a mature adult you will enjoy the film as I did. Ok for the record I’m not the most mature. Yet I’m not the same as twenty years ago. Did I mention Jamie has a nice butt! Ha Ha (that’s for the ladies)


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