The Next Three Days (2010)

This movie looked interesting but the truth is I watched it because of Elizabeth Banks. Certain movies Elizabeth Banks makes her characters really shine in my opinion. Like The 40 Year Old Virgin Beth she was cute as hell. In Slither she was Star Grant the love of an Alien. In Zack and Miri Make a Porno she is Miri the perfect girl next door everybody loves. Other movies I didn’t think she stood out enough mainly too small of a role. I like her in comedy and just adorable. (let’s keep it clean!) Now how about an action movie with Russell Crowe sounds good to me.

Russell Crowe is John Brennan school teacher and husband to Lara Brennan played by Elizabeth Banks. The couple have a boy Luke played by Ty Simpkins. They are the typical family work, family, friends and the usual problems. John doesn’t speak to his father. Lara has an opinion and gets into heated arguments. After a diner date they wake the next morning like any other day. Except Lara finds blood on the back of her coat. Just then police everywhere in the house and arrest Lara. Some one saw Lara leaving the parking lot and finding a woman had been killed. It’s funny to me in movies mobster or killers the legal system can’t hold them for very long. First time offense and it seams she will spend the rest of her life in prison. Without any hope and Lara trying to commit suicide John gets desperate. I liked the part with Damon Pennington played by Liam Neeson. He is experienced in escaping prisons.

Russell Crowe does a good job playing a teacher and father doing the impossible. During the movie there is that notion that perhaps she is guilty. The idea that a person can know someone and believe in them without hesitation is a powerful premise. Crowe carries the leading role well along with a good supporting cast. Mainly the detectives chasing him and his wife. But before all that first John has a battle of courage and test of belief in his family when he decides to steal from a drug dealer. Soon everything is into place for the daring escape. It just goes to show you a bad plan is better than no plan at all. I thought the movie was gripping from scene to scene with some pause in between. The idea about justice and whether she was guilty make it strange. A person wants to cheer for the innocent against the bad guy. Who was the bad guy here. Well except the drug dealer a bad guy. If you are certain of an idea and everybody else beliefs different what do you do. Is it your responsibility to stand by your truth. Probably differs from person to person. In short rather strange place to be as a movie goer. Still I think the movie is worth watching.


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