The Fighter (2010)

With a cast like this I can’t help but have high expectations for this movie. We all know too well how that usually goes. Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale how could you go wrong. And the lovely and usually cheerful Amy Adams. I don’t follow boxing enough to know much about Mickey Ward but I do know the name and I vaguely remember a fight. Mind you this is from memory, I remember Ward was getting beat up in the early rounds. The guy can take punishment. I remember he landed a body punch and it seem to change the fight. I think people liked him because he was an under dog. That makes for a good story and you certainly have the cast.

Starring Mark Wahlberg as Mickey Ward and Christian Bale as his brother Dicky Ward. Dicky had some success in the ring and since then lived in a fantasy of greatness. With the help of drug’s and his mother Dicky was the center of attention. Younger brother was in the shadows. And his success didn’t matter as much. It seem Mickey’s failure was in relation to his situation with his family. Micky is so shy here Mark Wahlberg is almost missed. Unlike Dicky being the center of attention and his drug addiction Christian Bale once again shows his talent. I don’t know do people remember his performance in American Psycho? Then there’s mom, Alice Ward played by Melissa Leo. Alice is a handful to say the least. Alice adds a lot of the dynamic struggles between Mickey and Dicky, say that three times fast. That could be enough for a movie but theres more. Add a sassy girlfriend Charlene Fleming played by Amy Adams. There will be woman throwing fist (Oh what fun). Despite the serious and more mature role for Amy Adams there is no hiding her charm. When I grow up I want a girlfriend just like Amy!

Before I knew it the movie was over. That means I really got into the movie. Highly recommended a good drama about the human condition. Family and being your own person is not so easy. But in the end the story shows family is what pulls us threw and really who else is going to care. Ok! That’s not entirely right because good friends our just as family. Before I start weeping check out the movie enjoy it with someone you love! One last thing how cool would it be if somebody made a movie about you?


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