Unstoppable (2010)

When I first saw the movie trailer. I didn’t think much about it. Two guys on a train, how exciting can that be? Mixing well known actor Denzel Washington. BTW I will always love Denzel Washington’s role in Glory with Matthew Broderick a real classic. Also in this movie a fairly new hot actor Chris Pine. He was in a good little flick called Carriers. He carries himself very well. To me the movie touches on a issue I feel about, big corporations and how they treat their employees. I think companies would be giving back by being loyal to their employees. Instead of making the investors money as the only important bottom line. How about the country you live in and the communities your kids attend schools in and so on!! Dam! I don’t like to get political. I rather have a blog of leisure in spite of the cruelty of the world. Besides let smarter and wiser folks talk heavy issues.

Starring Denzel Washington as Frank, the long time veteran for a railroad company. Will played by Chris Pine the new guy with apparently connections helping him get the job. While veterans like Frank are being systematically replaced. Veterans like frank in real jobs can’t be replaced. I guess it touches a nerve with me. After a worker lets a train get away from him. The race begins to stop a runaway train. Everyone is racing to figure out how to stop the train. Including Connie played by Rosario Dawson in charge of operations. The actors do a good job conveying a sense of pride in their work very easy to connect with. The head of the company Oscar Galvin played by Kevin Dunn as usual is only interested about money. He sets in motion a plan to stop the train. A corporate executive doesn’t know better than the folks who actually do the work. His plans turn to disaster and two workers die. All of this happens on TV as the media frenzy shows play by play. With the train gaining speed and heading to populated areas its up to Frank and Will to save the day.

A good cast and the story was solid. The development has a good pace and no ridiculous special effects. It’s just good work by everyone involved in this movie. The action builds in a good pace and gives plenty of excitement. You feel like you want to hold on to something and then cheer along. I was surprised how much I liked the movie. It’s funny you never know what strikes you good. No crazy stunts and not much swearing that I can remember. Straight forward movies can entertain? Only one last thought nice to see Rosario Dawson. She pulls off being pretty and one tough brawler. At least I think so.


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