Faster (2010)

I’m looking forward to some bad ass mofo getting some revenge. Fast cars, guns, and lots of tattoos! It’s about time Dwayne Johnson got serious making movies. Seriously Get Smart, Tooth Fairy and the Other Guys. In the olden days a guy crafted his art selecting movies that would make a respectful carrier to one day landing him the perfect role and ultimately an Oscar. Well I guess that’s why they called them the old days. Time to move on, the show must go on. I must admit I read a review that didn’t sound too good. But I want some action baby!

Dwayne Johnson plays Driver (that’s his name) because he was the driver. This is not a good start. Did we run out of ideas or should I say names. “Driver” is doing ten years in prison. He gets out after doing the time. He looks pissed it’s funny to me more than being menacing. He does have a nice car. I like his choice of hand gun. I need to look up what the caliber is? Just out of jail he goes into an office and kills a man in front of everybody. Soon the detectives are on the case. Cicero played by one of my favorite ladies Carla Gugino. Also taking the case “Cop” thats his name played by Billy Bob Thornton. The detectives are investigating as bodies are left behind. With Driver there is no catchy lines or last words just look at them in the eye and shoot. Did I forget Driver is hunting down the men responsible for his brothers death. I think back and I feel the potential to be a really good movie just slips by. The story of vengeance usually moving this is good. I don’t know maybe too much blind fury just didn’t connect. The detectives on the case to me made it interesting because the questions is who was behind it all. I liked the ending sometimes we need closure.

The movie had a quick knife fight but not much else. Over all a decent movie I would recommend but keep the expectations just a little lower. Billy Bob Thornton usually does well for his characters. I was surprised again the guy knows his stuff. Now the hit man I’m sorry I mean “Killer” played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen that was the strangest part of the movie. Instead of some fighting or shoot out it was really lack luster exchange between both characters. I think what a wasted opportunity he could of really had some fun here. The Driver goes to a Gentlemen’s club and that’s potential paradise. Take your pick something funny with one of the girls. Some head bashing of some Gentlemen just something. Well I always remind others and myself Hey! Not bad for a dollar.


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