And Soon the Darkness (2010)

Believe it or not but the cover of this movie got my attention. I know you thought there was some technical system but no. I saw it stars with Amber Heard and Odette Yustman, that’s all it takes. I learned this is a remake of the 1970 movie. I don’t know anything about the previous movie. I read a review of the 1970 version seems a little different but basically the same storyline. Two girls bicycling the country side of France. In the latest movie we find two young ladies bicycling in Argentina.

Amber Heard plays Stephanie, I guess you could say shes the one with common sense. Ellie played by Odette Yustman is a bit on the wild side looking for a little fun. The ladies were with a bicycling group but went off on their own. Bicycling in Argentina seeing the sights. Coming to a small town and staying in a Hotel for the night. It all starts so innocent doesn’t it? The ladies decide to visit the local bar. I have to add an observation here. Ladies maybe in America someone can flirt and do as they please. When your in another country especially in a small town caution should be always on your mind. Ok! Sorry it needed to be said just in cause its not clear to you. Ellie flirts with a local man Chucho played by Michel Noher. The girls also notice a blonde haired man Michael played by Karl Urban. It’s seems Michael has a problem with the locals. Still everything seems pretty harmless. Ellie flirts with Chucho and Stephanie returns to her room. The next day the ladies miss their bus. So lets take in the sights oh goody! The ladies take a bike ride finding a spot to get some sun. After a fight between the ladies Stephanie decides to leave. Ellie text Staphanie to meet for lunch. But Ellie never shows and this is where the action begins. I thought the characters were pretty vague.

First you have the hotel owners with the man always upset and suspicious of everybody. His wife seems so nice but full of secrecy. Michael starts out like his lost and no one gave him any lines. Besides the ladies the only really interesting character was Calvo played by Cesar Vianco. While Stephanie is looking for her friend she follows Chucho because he ran from her and he must know something. Stephanie ends up in this town that looks like it was hit by a bomb. I hate when details are left out. I’m sorry but I want to know what happen to this town. I find the details I guess like a good book it make a huge difference. Despite the lack of story I still found the movie worth watching. Mainly I think Amber Heard does an good job. I also like the fact that the movie didn’t have special effects. The movie was straight forward with no twist. The guy I thought might be bad, turns out to be bad. It was a nice change of pace for me.

The movie was no real stunner but I found it entertaining anyway. Maybe I’m just a fan of the pretty ladies. Two cute ladies in bikini’s nothing wrong with that. But relax its pretty tame, watchable for most I would say. Suspenseful enough without scarring your soul. By the way Amber Heard was in a wild movie of excess called The Informers. Oh! just thought too mention it maybe your soul has some dark spots. (haha) At some near future I’ll probably see Amber Heard in Drive Angry. Odette Yustman plays in one of my favorite monster movies in Cloverfield.


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