Jack Goes Boating (2010)

Watching the movie trailer I felt I had to see this movie. Sometimes a movie will grab your interest. I’m not particularly a huge fan of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I get surprised when I see him in a movie and I like his character. As the movie starts with some credits I see Hoffman is the director. Best place to be is no real expectations here. From the trailer I thought a quirky love story and about believing in yourself. Watching the movie it didn’t seem quirky at all. To me it seem very honest about relationships. I found the story fresh in that it shows the beginning of a relationship and the end of another.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman play Jack a man rather reserved which seem rather innocent. His friend Clyde played by John Ortiz wants to set up a date with a woman his wife works with. Clyde’s wife is Lucy played by Daphne Rubin-Vega. Jack meets Connie played by Amy Ryan. They both seem alike not really good with people and kind of quirky. Jack likes Connie and starts to want to do things for Connie. Connie wants to go boating, but Jack can’t swim. Clyde offers to teach Jack swim. Connie while on a subway gets attacked by a man. Jack goes to see Connie at the hospital. The two talk and in a innocent way Jack misunderstands Connie and he thinks she wants him to cook for her. It seems harmless but Jack wants to do something for Connie. I thought such a small dialogue possibly meaningless could bring them very close. The same could be said to break up a relationship. Clyde confesses to Jack that Lucy has had an affair. As the movie develops we see this is haunting Clyde and his relationship with Lucy. I don’t know if all relationships are tested this way. I don’t mean having an affair. I mean people can be together but distant. Sometimes things said may hurt and never heal.

There is a good feeling of how Clyde and Lucy want to help their friends Jack and Connie. Gives you hope that together we can make it, hey! I like that. The movie shows I think pretty honest relationships just as they are without too much blame. Where did it go wrong? Who is to blame its hard to say life happens. Of course we can’t ignore drugs had a part in this tale. Its a part but really relationships are the toughest we humans have struggled since ever. After the big fight Jack and Connie are alone. Connie tells Jack lets never be like them. So funny to me, know one ever thinks lets fight with each other and fall out of love. Do you really fall out of love. It seems people walk away because its the least painful. Towards the end Clyde is walking with Jack and meet Connie. Jack and Connie kiss and walk together. Clyde sees them walk away holding each other in the midst of love and he has such a sad look. Like I said it’s honest doesn’t even offer answers just the stories of people in love.


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