Knight and Day (2010)

I friend liked the movie saying it was fun to watch. At first the reviews were pretty low. I passed on the movie for some time. I thought of watching later. Well later is here it’s too bad I waited so long. I found it to be fun with a little bit of everything. Would there be chemistry between Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz? It seem an unlikely couple to me. But I’m no cupid who knew! Don’t get me wrong the film is ridiculous in all the right reasons. Crazy car chase and one guy against a lot of soldiers. Yeah! Its over the top in the best way possible. How or why is for far more intelligent people? I can only tell you crazy can be a fun ride sometimes.

Tom Cruise plays Roy Miller. The perfect agent with a ridiculous good boyscout attitude that borders lame. Peter Sarsgaard plays Fitzgerald another agent and once partners with Roy. Fitzgerald seems the only normal character and his the bad guy. Cameron Diaz plays June Havens. June makes me laugh. Many times she gets drugged and wakes up out of danger in some ideal backdrop like nothing happen. At first June seems clueless but its really she’s in shock with everything happening to her. As I think back the script, cast and action make the movie quirky but enjoyable to watch. June is caught between the FBI and Roy who says his saving a young genius and his invention of limitless power supply. One scene after another where June wakes up to the next surprisingly it didn’t get old. Nothing was over the top really but more on the edge. One could easily have missed all the beautiful places they went to.

I didn’t picture Tom Cruise in a comedy. His character fit well and was funny. Cameron Diaz who could forget films like The Mask, Theres Something about Mary and even the Sweetest Thing. In a more serious role I liked her in Gangs of New York and In Her Shoes. We will forever remember her unique smile. I would recommend the movie. The only thing I don’t remember was any soundtrack strange? Maybe a different soundtrack would of got better reviews. Well not that it did get bad ones just not over the top. I wonder what golden boy will do next. Horror any one?


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