Saw 3D (2010)

The final chapter and what a ride its been. I remember after the first Saw. I wondered what ever happen to the guy who cut his foot off in the first movie? Nobody knew and each sequel gave no indication. I thought what a rip off. Is he dead, how could there be no information. I guess with all the torture nobody really cared. To me it’s surprising over all the sequels have been successful. The first Saw was original and shocking that there was no way I was going to miss a movie.

How can the final chapter be a shocker? Think about it most sequels try to out do the original but usually end up being some cheap imitation. One key ingredient for the Saw series is the ways to torture people. Why do I like torture so much its worrisome. There’s the side we cheer if the victim escapes. But honestly let’s just say it, we want a gore fest. The Romans knew the truth and explored it in the Coliseum. Except today its a movie not real people dying. Hey! Lets not get carried away.

This movie has once again delivered interesting torture sequence as good as any. The intro was more comedy and I thought the final chapter would be a flop. As the movie started from the last movie the film got interesting. Detective Hoffman escapes his trap put on by Jill Jigsaw’s wife. As Hoffman is out looking for Jill and some payback. The Jigsaw murders start again. I’m watching the movie I’m thinking is Hoffman alone or is he getting help? Sean Patrick Flanery plays Bobby Dagen as a Jigsaw surviver. Flanery adds a good twist and interesting story line. We see Bobby Dagen at a support group and who is at the meeting? Dr. Lawrence Gordon played by Cary Elwes. Something is cooking here can you sense it. Dr. Lawrence finally comes full circle. True to the original the final chapter brings the story to a decent final end. I guess if you love the Saw series you probably already seen this movie. If you never saw any of the movie series I think you would like the movie on its own. I liked that there was some closure to a very long series of sequels. I enjoyed it very much sounds kind of weird huh!


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