True Grit 2010

Hard nose western have the appeal of an under dog story. Combine that with the question “what are you made of?” Men’s chest stick out believing to be tough enough. I don’t think I would be tough to survive long in those days. I mean no Internet or corner store to buy some munchies. No sir not for me I have certain needs. But if this movie is as good as No Country for Old Men I would be happy. I’m talking about the Coen Brothers. I can’t forget a classic The Big Lebowski. It was a little funny, I’m at the theatre and everyone in there had gray hair. I’m thinking is this a senior citizen movie?

Hailee Steinfeld plays Mattie Ross looking for justice. Tom Chaney played by Josh Brolin kills her father. Mattie sets out for justice by hiring Marshall Rooster Cogburn. (what a name) Cogburn played by Jeff Bridges is a tough man and he likes his booze. Part of the charm of the movie besides a good cast is the mannerism. It seems people were in the middle between modern and old. Some spoke proper English while others couldn’t write. Yet the wild west was in full swing. If a man didn’t kill you nature sure took its shot. Which the movie’s title True Grit really sets the scene and tone.

Mattie Ross is tough for the times but also smart which fuels her stubborn determination. A Texas Ranger LaBoeuf played by Matt Damon joins the unlikely duel. From the start Cogburn and LaBoeuf butt heads. One is smart, proper and then there’s Rooster drinking. It’s funny when Mattie starts to doubt Cogburn because of his drinking. In the end it was the three working together that gets them through. Cogburn with all his faults was the man you want out on the prairie. Another character I liked was Lucky Ned Pepper played by Barry Pepper. He had a small part but always seems to make interesting roles. Matt Damon plays the Texas Ranger who is more on the modern world where men are civilised. All three main character have True Grit and carries the movie along.

I was surprise there wasn’t any part for some Indians. They did all their tracking in Indian territory. Could have been some interesting scenes but not a bad thing. A must see for all fans of western movies. The movie has a quick pace. The gun fights have a good impact. I want to say authentic western but really what do I know about authentic. Hailee Steinfeld does a great job alongside some big name actors. I recommend popcorn and pop!


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