UFC 126 quick take

Miguel Torres vs Antonio Banuelos
Mostly Torres throwing jabs with an occasional straight right. I have seen Torres in the WEC and since his last lost maybe Torres is being more cautious. Banuelos did not get in close enough to land a punch. Not an exciting fight. Torres by decision

Jake Ellenberger vs Carlos Eduardo Rocha
Rocha and Ellenberger have come to fight. Rocha has made it exciting with his submission attempts. I love watching submission masters. In the second not as exciting maybe both fighters taking a break. Ellenberger not as aggressive unwilling to end up on the ground. Unfortunately no submission of the night. With some take downs Ellenberger wins split decision. Id like to see Rocha again.

Jon Jones vs Ryan Bader
Jones showing how good of a wrestler he is. No big surprises but Jones can change that quickly, he is the quicker striker. Without knowing Jones pulls a submission win. Well not the striking fest I thought might happen but a win is a win. The UFC has announced Jon Jones will fight for the belt against Mauricio Rua wow! They said Rashad Evans hurt his knee and can’t fight.

Forrest Griffin vs Rich Franklin
Both fighters working their plan. Forrest with a take down where he stayed on top for all of the first round. Forrest has the weight advantage. In the second Forrest connects and stumbles Franklin for a moment. Tough to score both landing some strikes. This looks like a case for Franklin just a little too small of an opponent. Forrest had most if not all the take downs. Forrest wins by decision

Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort
The beginning was pretty common from last fights. Both fighters feeling each other moving back and forth. Belfort started the action landing two punches. That got Silva’s attention and then the fight was on. Quick as lightning Silva lands a front kick and rocks Belfort. Silva finishes the fight. A focused Silva is a dangerous man. He has so much talent. Belfort waited too long to strike but that’s real easy for me to say. There seems to be very little or close to nothing of a weakness. I must say it was an exciting few minutes.


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