Men Shaving Safety Razor’s lost art

Men shave just about everyday. How many men put any thought as to how and what to shave with? Back in the day as a teen starting to shave I didn’t think much about it. I remember not having much money but didn’t want to make a bad impression and not shave. I would buy a single blade Bic shaver. I can’t recall what shaving cream I would use. I remember using regular soap. Those Bic shavers didn’t feel very good pulling hair sometimes. Back then shaving was the last thing on my mind. Really shaving was a chore needed to be done. Over the years razors advanced with twin blades to current blades. For many years I used a Gillette Mack 3 (three blades). At work most express similar views about shaving. Something of a chore with not much more thought. I mentioned thinking about buying a double edge razor. Guys had stories of some one in their childhood shavings with a safety razor. Seems back when ago a safety razor was the norm. You didn’t have to go to the barber, shave at home and still have a good shave.

Every day life is usually quick and easy. I mean fast food, half off clothes, quick shaving and always on the go. Somewhere along the way fast became the norm. Fast means progress and useful at least thats what we belief. Pretty typical so far but you may know that a small event can set you off to a different direction. It may seem unlikely but read on it just might make sense. From time to time I would smoke a cigar. I thought it was cool being different old school. One day shortly after Christmas at a friends house. He got some cigars as a gift. Lucky for me he was in a generous mood. Smoking the cigar open my eyes to a whole new world. As I got into cigars more, I started to think differently. Caring for cigars requires patience and definitely smoking cigars is time enjoyed not to rush through and off to something else. I started thinking quality of time not how much I can do in a day. This attitude spilled over to other areas in my life. Buying and grinding coffee I belief makes a better cup. There is a down side having coffee at a diner or the like can be very disappointing. I believe food can be good and it doesn’t mean expensive. Of course the company with the meal means a great deal. Another thing I got into was watches. I’m not talking a Rolex to show people look at me. I mean quality staying within your means. My recent watch last year for my birthday was a Nixon watch. Currently I have five very different styles. The thing that ties it all together is a perspective of appreciation.

In comparison lets look at women and their time taking a bath. Now this is my view I didn’t ask any women so this is only one point. We all clean up usually, some people I would questions. A bath is not needed. They say a bath cost more than just taking a shower. Yet woman love to take a bath. Some candles and endless selection of bath soaps and fragrance. I mean there is a whole industry for a bath. Now women are quick to point out how smoking a cigar is a waste of time. Yet a bath takes longer than a shower and it’s not cost effective. Woman love baths because its a pause from everything. A time to relax and re-energize oneself. With this time a person feels better to tackle task that every day brings. Slowing us down to make better decisions. Everybody has that friend that makes life more difficult because they are going a hundred miles a second. One mishap overlapping the next. If you don’t have such a friend that means your that person. Relax I’m not saying be a monk. Just saying we can enjoy life at a pace for you that allows you to see and appreciate your surroundings. If your a busy body thats fine but really you wouldn’t benefit more with some kind of a pause think about it, better yet give it a try. So it’s a touch more than shaving. At least shaving with a different outlook.

Not sure why I thought about shaving with a safety razor. Recalling using my uncle’s razor it seem long ago. He had a double edge safety razor, with a gold finish. Shaving with it there was no real thought about it. There was a small nick I proceeded carefully and finished shaving. Once done the feeling of a close shave was nice. I was intimidated because of the cut and figured too much work. Present day and with a new outlook. The wonderful world of the Internet I read about safety razors. Still on the back of my mind of the past I was reluctant and undecided. Once I was careful I didn’t have any problems and the nick was pretty small. Still thinking about it I made a purchase online. The web site I chose was and I have to add they have been very good to buy from. The website has a lot of information. I could hardly wait till I received my package.

To be continued..


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