Outlander (2008)

I saw a preview, it looked interesting. James Caviezel, monsters and Vikings, sounds good to me. Throw in the mix Ron Perlman. I like the idea of a space man crashing on earth at a time of the Vikings starting to use metal. I never heard of this movie at all. Strange to me because I love Sci-Fi and I would think I would of heard of it back in 2008. I thought of the idea of advanced people visiting earth and influencing man back then giving to legends or tall tales passed over the years. It sparks the imagination.

Starring James Caviezel as Kainan the space man who crashes. We see his technology early on but the mixing of technology and Vikings were almost none except for metal. Kainan is captured by Vikings who think he killed people in a near by village. In the village Kainan meets Freya the Kings daughter. Sophia Myles plays Freya a tough Viking woman. Kainan tells the Vikings he is hunting a dragon. Of course they all laugh. (don’t be silly) They go hunting for something and they find a huge bear. Kainan saves the king and they all kill the bear. Kainan wins their trust but the danger isn’t over. Ron Perlman plays Gunnar who thinks this allies killed his family not knowing about the creature. Gunnar has some tattoos on his face I had a hard time recognising him. Perlman does a good job as a tough Viking.

Freya expresses feelings for Kainan but he feels unworthy. He tells the story how it all began. I like when a movie gives us some idea instead of leaving this unclear. The bold take a chance if its dumb at least they took their shot. I thought the story was good coming together. Plenty of action and good characters. What’s not to love about those wild Vikings and their mead! Their women full of spirit! The creature was from another planet Kainan and his people took over. The creature called Moorwen was fighting for survival and revenge after Kainan and his people killed all the Moorwen. It seem nothing could kill this Moorwen until Kainan gets some steel from the crashed ship. It’s good when there are some surprises in the movie.

Like I mentioned before the cast made for some interesting characters. John Hurt plays King Hrothgar. Ron Perlman as Gunnar a tough Viking himself. Sophia Myles as love interest gives way for some break from the action. Giving a more thoughtful and human side. James Caviezel has his usual passive and pensive nature but it works here. The Moorwen was fierce and mysterious. I don’t like when a creature or any adversary seems invincible and then dies so easily just doesn’t make sense. The Moorwen was tough to the end the way it should be. I love Sci-Fi and this movie was a lot of fun. A friend said to me a good movie is one you would watch again. I think this movie falls into that category.


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