Dead Man Running (2009)

Every time I see this movie as a potential rental. I thought 50 Cent is a popular rapper but when it comes to movies I was doubtful. It’s not I don’t like the rapper but usually singer/musicians don’t make good actors at least not any I can think of. Sometimes when nothing looks good and you don’t have the energy to keep the search another minute. You throw a hail Mary and see what happens. The movie is a British caper which I have usually enjoyed. There were times subtitles would have been helpful but not a big deal. Usually I get the gist.

Starring Tamer Hassan as Nick an ex-con trying to live the straight and narrow. The economy is bad and people not spending money like before. Loan shark Thigo played by 50 Cent. Thigo is a well dress thug with a business persona. Thigo has a plan to collect from all the people that owe him. The plan is simple make an example of someone and the rest will pay up. That example is Nick. Pay one hundred thousand in twenty four hours or Thigo kills Nick’s mother and Nick. Nick’s side kick is Bing played by Danny Dyer. Bing adds some comic relief but not so funny. Monet Mazur plays Frankie, Nick’s girlfriend who has to go back to work. She’s an S&M mistress and from time to time she calls Nick to talk so casual its pretty funny. Some guy is tied up and Frankie is in a sexy outfit. Its just a job Monet makes it look like just another day at the office. The main story is Nick and Bing out to make money. Back to their old habits. He have a dog race, street fighting, selling drugs and even a hit.

In comparison I think of RocknRolla something most recent which I liked a lot. Not as good but this movie is pretty good. Maybe not a fair comparison but there you have it. The movie moves along at a good pace from one mishap to another. It’s funny enough throughout the movie. 50 Cent plays a small role but I will say he made a good thug in a suit. Yeah I recommend for sure. Especially if you like movies like Lock, Stock & two smoking barrels. Ah the classics fun times


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