Arn: The Knight Templar (2007)

I like the mystic of The Knight Templar. Fighting for good and doesn’t everybody like a hero. A lot of the plot reminded me of Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando Bloom. Whats different is a romantic side that carries the characters to the ultimate goal to reunite again. It’s funny a monk and a nun basically fall in love. For the macho conscience there is some action mainly sword fighting. The movie has sub-titles but guys stretch that mind you might be surprised, Mainly that’s for my friends who hate to read.

Starring Joakim Natterqvist as Arn Magnusson as the Night Templar/monk. Arn falls in love with Cecilia Algotsdotter played by Sofia Helin. From first sight both fall head over heels. Am I old or what? But back in those days you just cant marry any one you want. For their actions out of marriage Arn is sent to the crusades for twenty years. (Man that’s harsh!) Cecilia is sent to a convent and the mother in charge makes Cecilia’s life hell!

Arn saves Saladin and they become friends (sounds familiar). But the greed of other Knights cause their demise. Saladin spares Arn and sends him home. I thought it was more a romantic movie than a action movie. Both Cecilia and Arn endure a lot only holding on that one day they would see each other again. Man! Getting soft in my years. Sofia Helin as Cecilia does an excellent job, just about steals the show. I would recommend, familiar story from a different side, you might be surprised as I was.


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