Dead Snow (2009)

After the holidays a friend and I were comparing movie horror expertise. Trying to name a title one of us hasn’t seen yet. My friend suggested a must see Dead Snow. He tells me zombie/funny. He adds Europe recently is coming out with good films lately. I get home check out the movie trailer on the web and next thing I know I’m writing this review. To me there are different styles of horror. A funny Zombie movie is one. Some come to mind like Shaun of the Dead or more recent Zombieland. My favorite has to be Lesbian Vampire killers. I did once review a little flick called Zombie Strippers very funny.

A group of medical students head out to the mountains. One of them owns the isolated cabin. The group is having fun when they get a visit from a stranger asking for coffee. He tells a story about gruel Nazi soldiers who are in the mountains. Of course the young people think his crazy and continue on. This is a good time to try and guess who will be killed first. Jenny Skavlan plays Chris who shocks me. She makes out with Erlend played by Jeppe Laursen. Erlend is in the out house. Chris enters and makes her move kissing Erlend’s hand. Forget horror flicks that was wrong people! After a quickie Erlend goes back to the cabin. Yeah! Poor Chris is first on the menu. Soon the Nazi Zombie’s attack the cabin. As a general rule stay away from windows its a no-brainer.

The story is pretty simple and it works. The students figure out quickly they better fight back or die. At one point they are clever and just when you think they are in the clear more zombies. In most movies its the number of zombies thats their strength and I think it makes sense. Charlotte Frogner plays Hanna and Evy Kasseth Rosten as Liv show courage under pressure. Not just pretty girls screaming their hearts out. Martin played by Vegar Hoel who has a problem with blood turns out to be quite the zombie killer.

Simple story and creative action sequence makes it a bloody fun time. As far as horror goes its a movie for most. Id say rated PG-13 but I’m not sure on that. The holidays can get to a person sometimes. What could be better than a zombie comedy. As my friend suggested highly recommended. You know this is a first for zombie movies, that is Nazi zombie’s as far as I know. What will they think of next.


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