Ondine (2009)

I first heard about this movie, I thought pass. Has any one seen one in a hundred years. I mean mermaid ok I said it. Seriously I would have avoided the film entirely but as luck would have it (netflicks). I can feel your eyes rolling back at me. It doesn’t hurt having a pretty mermaid too! I think the real charm comes from Annie. The little girl who believes in miracles more of us should.

Starring Colin Farrell as Syracuse who is a fisherman. His out trolling and he catches a woman. She’s afraid of someone else seeing her. Syracuse lets her stay at his house while he takes his daughter to the doctor. I like the backdrop of the movie. Something about being by the sea that inspires mystery. The mystery woman is Ondine. She looks real enough but there is something she is hiding. Quickly Syracuse and his daughter Annie take to Ondine. In the shadows there is a man looking for Ondine. My dislike about the movie I could not understand this Irish dialect. Much like the English but harder for me to make out. So there is probably little details I missed but for the most part it was straight forward.

I was surprised I liked it. That’s what happens when you don’t expect a lot. The pace of the movie was slow but it moved along enough to keep me interested. Alison Barry as Annie couldn’t be any more charming. Alicja Bachleda as Ondine certainly played the part. I thought it funny when she would sing. Like mermaids can’t help themselves. Watching the movie open me more to the idea of mermaids. Why not there are strange things in the mist. I recommend watching open to possibilities.


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