The Oxford Murders (2008)

A story of who’s the killer but more important who is smarter. It’s good to see Elijah Wood normal size. That was a Lord of the Rings reference terrible I know, it sounded funnier in my head. Seriously there is something innocent in those eyes don’t you think or is it just me? I love murder mysteries right. Especially when the two adversaries are equals or at least close. That’s what makes the cat and mouse chase so fun. Doesn’t hurt to add a pretty nurse in the mix. Having a veteran actor is usually a good idea. Remember the original Alien John Hurt played Kane. He was the first human where the Alien pops out. The first time I saw that all I could say was WOW! but no sound came out.

The stage is set with Martin (Elijah Wood). Full of ideas certain of knowledge and wanting to impress Arthur Seldom played by John Hurt. Martin rents a room from a relative of Arthur Seldom in order to meet the professor. From the beginning Martin is disappointed after hearing a talk from Arthur Seldom. Ready to leave with his tail between his legs. Arthur shows up at the house. The two enter to find the elderly woman dead. The obvious killer would be her daughter Beth played by Julie Cox. The professor suggest a serial killer. So the cat and mouse begins. I like the pace of the movie. Clue by clue it seems were going to see this terrible killer. Martin and the nurse Lorna have an interesting affair. Which Lorna had a fling with the good professor I think just to mess with Martin.

I definitely recommend watching big Elijah Wood (I kid!) I like his ability to portray innocence with a coming of age learning from life’s lessons. Although those lessons have come with a price. For me it kept me guessing till the end. Looking back the clues were there. Which equate to entertaining. I will remember and look for future performance from Leanor Watling and Julie Cox. Todays lesson its never good to put anyone on a pedestal. And theres more to life than smarts. Wow! Sounds like I’ve been up to long. For a minute I thought I just wrote words of wisdom. Coming from a guy who probably watches too many movies. I don’t see a line for reality. (just fooling)


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