Salt (2010)

All I knew of this movie was the trailer, which looked entertaining. I like the spy and special agent genre since the old days of 007 with Roger Moore. As a kid watching James Bond for the first time. Roger Moore was a cool character, back when the good guy were clear and the good guys always won. Ok being smooth with the ladies didn’t hurt the image. Also James Bond movies had a playful adult theme. Salt rates a PG-13 which takes the adult nudity but does not lack action and violence.

Angelina Jolie stars as Evelyn Salt. A CIA agent who is in prison being tortured for information. After her release she discovers her boyfriend made the release possible. Boyfriend Mike Krause played by August Diehl soon marries Evelyn. Some difference here compared to James Bond flicks. Evelyn taking an emotional side. Maybe its a different time but Bond rather kept it cool. Where this movie shines to me is the action. During the action I was thinking Jolie looks to frail regardless I liked the scenes jumping from vehicle to another. The fighting equally suspect but entertaining just the same. Throughout the movie Evelyn Salt was very emotional. I know it was fueled with her desire to save her husband. Don’t we all know special agents can’t have personal lives? Liev Schreiber plays Ted Winters Salt’s partner. Also Peabody played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. Both agents are after Salt after a Russian defector suggest Salt as a spy and preparing to kill the Russian president visiting. The sequence of all the action is creative and fun. I like the use of a stun gun to drive.

I didn’t expect all the action is this movie. An entertaining movie and PG-13 so everyone can get into the fun. Liev Schreiber does a good supporting role. The movie was all Angelina Jolie. I didn’t know for some time but she is the daughter of Jon Voight. I read other reviews suggesting sequels and why not. Although the action stands out the story line makes it possible to put it all together. The movie reminds me not too long ago in the news. Some arrest of people being discovered as sleeper agents from Russia. That made this movie intriguing. Also the idea of agents taken from children and taught to be tough. It’s not new but works to explain why a person would be such a bad ass! Would I watch again! Angelina Jolie makes a potato gun launcher look sexy! Definitely worth a second look.


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