A Crime (2006)

I read the description of the story really sounded interesting. Blame an innocent man for a murder so a love interest can move on with their lives. I can’t remember a storyline like it before. If you love someone is it wrong to do anything for them? Could you justify murder for the one you love. One thing I like about movie’s letting your imagination ask such questions without killing someone.

Norman Reedus plays Vincent Harris a man stuck in the past. Looking for the man who killed his wife. His neighbor Alice Parker played by Emmanuelle Beart has a plan. Once Vincent finds the killer he could turn his interest to Alice. She finds as much information as she can. Her plan is set in motion when she enters a yellow cab. Alice meets Roger Culkin a cab driver. Played by Harvey Keitel who plays an interesting character. I don’t know if he is a good guy or not. Same is said of Alice Parker. The movie had a slow pace then mix Alice and Roger made for a different movie. Norman Reedus really had a small part. The movie was Alice and Roger.

Alice really baffles me. She sleeps with Roger to manipulate Roger. Part of it I see Roger likes Alice so much he wants to believe a life with Alice. I imagine what Alice does for Vincent is just impossible to do. Then Roger he’s no saint and seems rather violent especially after he starts drinking again. The movie delivers a punch but its so subtle its easy to miss. Vincent thinks he killed Roger but that was not the case. Roger tells Alice they will leave together. Alice goes along I’m thinking she is going to leave with Roger. To my surprise Alice does the impossible once again. Which ask the question does love justify one’s actions. Not a get up a cheer love story. Yet something made me curious about these two. There is some sex scenes which may not be for everybody. For the rest of us, see a movie a bit odd and compelling.


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