The Town (2010)

Everyone who saw the movie at the theatre said it was an excellent flick. So the expectation was high when this movie came out on DVD. The movie had a good balance of action and drama between characters. I think the compelling story was good between Doug (Affleck) and Claire (Hall). Everyone else while entertaining seem a back seat to the main characters. Well I guess that is normal. Sometimes when the supporting cast are more compelling. I think it makes for a great film. Still I think its a very good film, one I’ll see again. Perhaps a bit too critical but there you have it.

The start tells about Charleston with its history of bank robbers going back from father to son. The robbers starring Ben Affleck as Doug MacRay and best friend James Coughlin played by Jeremy Renner. They have a certain pride being bank robbers and are very good at it. With their Charleston accent they seem like foreigners to me, but then again I don’t get out much. I like the start of it right into the action to get your attention. The four man team are at a bank ready to enter. The robbery is business as usual until a bank manager Claire Keesey played by Rebecca Hall hits the silent alarm. The robbers take Claire as hostage just in case and flee the bank. Once clear they let Claire go unharmed. James with a history for violence doesn’t want to take a chance Claire identifying them. He wants to take care of the problem. On the alert Doug volunteers to handle the problem himself. Only problem seems Doug has an interest more than keeping out of jail. Soon Doug is dating Claire which you know is only a time bomb ready to go off. Claire unaware the man she just met is one of the robbers. Rebecca Hall does a good job a definite highlight. Some bit of romance between Doug and Claire. Mix the life Doug leads with pal James a volcano ready to erupt any moment. Let’s not forget FBI agent Adam Frawley played by Jon Hamm and his partner Dino Ciampa played by Titus Welliver. Following the clues its only a matter of time before they know the robbers.

I liked the movie a lot but there seem a void of the characters supporting like Jeremy Renner although not at all bad performance his character seem kind of mindless. Also the sexy Krista Coughlin played by Blake Lively too little scenes but very interesting role except I didn’t always understand her lines. Knowing these characters more I think really emerge you into the story completely. Same with FBI agent Adam Frawley played by Jon Hamm. It’s funny the FBI agent seem like a bad guy enforcing the law. Perhaps a more sympathetic view would make the FBI agent and Doug more complex entanglement each doing what ever it takes to do whats right for them. This is the problem with high expectations with any film. I want a good or even great film to be epic. Perhaps a second viewing will convince me of my vaults being critical or maybe just except it is what it is. Good action and good cast and above the rest not too shabby directing from Ben Affleck. Last thing I thought the short hair style was amusing. I kept thinking marines would be proud. The mask of nuns classic. A movie moment to remember. Highly recommended with popcorn!


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