Going The Distance 2010

This is one of those movies I blindly chose to watch. Somehow I’m convince this will be a funny movie. Well Justin Long and Drew Barrymore have been in some funny movies. I don’t really see them as a couple but the chemistry works on film. The topic long distance romance. Really I don’t think that is possible, do I give myself away. I didn’t realize Christina Applegate is in this movie. She plays a neurotic house wife very well and I still think she is hot! I never like Married with children but I knew of Christina who didn’t!

Justin Long plays Garrett a guy who doesn’t commit to his ex-girlfriends and gets dumped surprisingly. Garrett meets Erin at a bar. Garrett charms Erin ending the night in his bed. Thinking about that seems totally possible to the other guy. Of course Garrett has his sidekicks Box played by Jason Sudeikis and Dan played by Charlie Day. I must stop right here for a moment. I’m guilt stricken admitting I watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Every time I watch it Thursdays. I think this is so wrong why do I like it so. They took that character and said be yourself. Charlie Day brings the laughs.

In the movie it’s stated by Erin when a couple are best friends this is the recipe for a lasting marriage. I don’t have a clue about that. I was thinking I’m looking for a hot intense lover. There is no room for my best friend in that picture. I’m not married so what do I know. I like the idea of a mistress just seems more exciting. Is it wrong sleeping with strangers? Really Erin and Garrett are cute getting to know each other. The story is pretty straight forward no twist. Not even crude scenes except for Dan sitting on the toilet while the three friends talk about Garrett’s relationship. That grosses me because hmm not married I guess. Should a man be comfortable watching another man in the bathroom ah! No!!

Throughout the movie I enjoyed the soundtrack big on the 80’s. How could you not like the 80’s music. I like when a movie uses music adding to the story not just background. I never thought about it much seems a tricky choice, will most people watching like the music. Or do I just notice more when I like the songs, makes me wonder. On a happier note who is this refreshing face Keli Garner who plays Brianna?

Very funny movie and not too soft or rude, perfect little flick for everybody. The trailer show Garrett and Erin getting hot and heavy on the table. The whole time Phil is having a late night snack. The scene was funny but thankfully not the only funny part in the movie. Watch it with a BFF or your wife whatever! The point being laughs throughout and that’s always a sunny time. (sorry)


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