Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I thought the movie trailer was good to attract watching. I was surprised the delivery of the film with its many video game background. I must say most of it was over my head. Still I don’t think it matter much. My guess it really relates to older folks who grew up playing arcade games and the young hip crowd for geeks that is. Michael Cera finds himself in another role perfect for him. The entire cast was great and it might boost some ones career.

Michael Cera plays Scott Pilgrim who plays bass in an interesting band. Scott dates a young high school girl Knives Chau played by Ellen Wong. Scott refers to dating Chau as simple. It’s little remarks through out the film that made it funny to watch. I think most get caught up with all the visual which is entertaining. You might of guess it, it’s a love story! Knives Chau was great as the love puppy teen who comes out fighting later on. Scott’s love interest is Ramona Flowers played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Let’s be honest Ramona is too hot for shy Scott! But it serves well to encourage love sick puppies to muster the will to go for love instead of something safe. The movie is stuffed with all the good stuff are mothers tell us. I guess mothers know best. I enjoyed the band playing good times. As you probably know Scott must fight and win seven evil ex-lovers of Ramona to date her.

Not your usual love comedy movie with a feel good ending. Well it has all that but it delivers in a way video game geeks can be proud of. This is evident when we are forced to watch Scott kiss Ramona. I know its PG-13 ok! Ok! Its a movie for every one really. With a great supporting cast its really Michael Cera that shines with his shy boy persona. I almost forgot the fighting was desent too. My favorite fight was with Roxy Richter (Mae Whitman) vs. Ramona Flowers. The Final battle with Gideon Graves played by Jason Schwartzman had a good mix. Of course it helps to have earned an extra player just in case. In the end love is messy but it helps to have special effects to highlight the highs and lows. Highly recommended watch with your ex maybe you can finally move on, or not!


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