Robin Hood 2010

This is the prequel of Robin Hood, how it all began before they were legends. I had put off watching this movie because of the bad reviews. What I like and what critics like are so bizarre to me. I was expecting the movie to be bad but I can’t say that, with that it was a pleasant surprise. I was thinking of the 1991 Robin Hood: Price of Thieves with Kevin Kostner which to me was a comedy adventure. This was a drama adventure with some big name cast. Namely Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Has Mark Strong ever played a good guy? William Hurt seem out of place maybe it was the long hair. Robin Hood companions add some comedy relief which is just as essential in any good movie.

Russell Crowe is Robin Longstride the son of a man with dangerous ideas about men being equal and free. His father is killed for his ideas and is the catalyst for Robin Hood. By his side Marion Loxley played by Cate Blanchett. Their romance is slow to get heated up but who can resist a woman willing to fight, foolish but kind of sexy no? Max von Sydow plays Sir Walter Loxley. He takes to Robin and tells him of his father and bids him to remember the events of his fathers death. Oscar Issac plays Prince John and his character portrays a hated Prince John and reason for a character like Robin Hood.

The movie had a good feel for the time. The young kids running wild were curios and funny. Mark Strong does a good job as villain. The movie had a good pace. For a guy known for his bow there was a lot of sword fighting. I guess that comes later. I like Cate Blanchett and the open country side. Over all entertaining movie definitely recommend renting. I wonder if there is going to be a sequel. It does leave room to make a bigger movie with more of everything. I don’t like that, I think the movie should stand on its own. Meaning a better film for the viewer.


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