Jonah Hex 2010

I never really read too many comic’s but they sure are popular to convert into movies. Nothing like the machine to grind out for the masses. It would be nice if society valued more quality than quick profit. I’m not saying there are no quality movies far from it. This is a good example of big production turning a profit. Is this a terrible movie not saying that. Nothing as bad as Ghost Rider, as much a fan of Eva Mendes. I think I fell asleep, I don’t think I missed anything. Even the good actor John Malkovich didn’t make any impact well at least to me.

Starring some big names Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex and of course Megan Fox as Lilah. Others I recognize like Aidan Quinn, Michael Shannon, Will Arnett and Wes Bentley. The guy who stood out to me was bad boy Burke played by Michael Fassbender. Nice to see a bad guy have so much fun.
Jonah Hex has an interesting side that he could speak to the dead. Besides that not really all that interesting. I liked the turret guns mounted on his horse however unlikely that was, I enjoyed the scene. The movie was decent certainly entertaining rental. Perhaps never hearing of the comic Jonah Hex the character didn’t really develop and I believe that one key component missing. As an action drama I believe it to be worth watching. As a comic fan (which I’m not) probably disappointing but assuming what others think can prove to be futile. Wait I never spoke of Megan Fox did I? She did good in her shoot out scene. She’s a natural with a gun. Pretty gun slinger not unheard of right? Well Lilah could of added more attitude or something. Showing to all more talent and not just a pretty face.

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