Halloween flicks 2010

Yes I made a list of the Horror flicks I actually own
The list is by date not a best of list. Why a list, I was thinking of a best Halloween movie but ended listing the library of hopefully scary movies. Sure its not a huge list, there are many great movies I don’t own but at some point I was compelled to spend money on these to watch over and over. They all have a little something. After some time passes and I watch one I remember how fun horror is.

1.Night of the living Dead 1968 – It’s a classic!!
2.Bram Stoker’s Dracula 1992 – From a classic story. Gary Oldman does a fantastic vampire one of the best.
3.The Crow 1994 – My all time favorite. It might seem silly but I would for many years watch this movie every Halloween at midnight.
4.From Dusk till Dawn 1996 – Robert Rodriguez has the touch. Remember Salma Hayek dancing with a snake.
5.The Breed 2001 – The first time I watched this movie I was speechless it seem so odd. Bai Ling scares me and excites all at the same time.
6.The Ring 2002 – The suspense of what the ring meant was a great thrill
7.Underworld 2003 – Kate Beckinsale vampires never looked so cool
8.Blade Trinity 2004 – Fun movie but I must confess I love Parker Posey she kills me.
9.Feast 2005 – At its primal best not to be missed, seriously don’t miss this one
10.30 Days of Night 2007 – These vampires were scary instead of trying to be cool or more human. With their own language very interesting.
11.Planet Terror 2007 – Robert Rodriguez knows horror. I liked the cast fun movie.
12.Midnight Meat Train 2008 – This is a cool meat cleaver of a movie.
13.Let the Right One In 2008 – unique vampire story very entertaining
14.Zombieland 2009 – Not exactly a instant classic but lots of laughs. Poor Bill Murray!
15.Lesbian Vampire Killers 2009 – Halloween comedy and gurls!
16.The Collector 2009 – my current favorite loved the soundtrack

Well thats it with my list. I regret no having the original Saw. Many of the movie like Halloween and Friday the 13th don’t really call out to me to buy. Same with A Nightmare of Elm Street although it is a classic. I don’t own a lovely gem The Pumpkin Karver 2006 I wouldn’t mind getting. I don’t know the formula why I like certain flicks. Some may not be so popular with others. I rave about Feast and people watch it and say yeah it was pretty good. Another flick I don’t own and love is Babysitter Wanted. The story is different with plenty of suspense and gore, its a devil of a good time.
I conclude I love vampire movies. Just gore is not enough example Feast sequels. I truly love Horror films and Halloween is my favorite holiday. Happy Halloween!


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