Leaves of Grass 2009

Edward Norton plays two twin brothers. I think Norton has done some amazing roles. I heard this was a movie to watch. The topic of where your from is one that is ever present. I remember in junior high kids would lie about where they were from. I lived in the heart of Los Angeles California. I thought at the time it was the best place and I would never leave. Now here I am small town USA with nothing better to do than blog about my leisures. What the hell happen? Life has its detours and I’m no different although I can’t complain too much. Sitting back enjoying a cigar with no real major problems.

Edward Norton plays Bill and Brady Kincaid. Bill is the straight and narrow type with purpose. Moving along as a professor but is he really happy. Brady is the opposite growing marijuana. The character is easy going someone easy to like. Brady has a friend Bolger played by Tim Blake Nelson who adds character in a quiet sort of way. I like Bolger the kind of guy who is your friend for life. Brady sends word to his brother that his been killed. Bill goes home to Oklahoma. Bill left trying to forget his twin brother and troubled mother Daisy played by Susan Sarandon. Bill learns his brother is alive and whats bill to pose as him while his away dealing with a problem in Tulsa. Bill shows even though he left home to better himself his heart is still where his family is. Good time and bad times he can never truly leave behind his family.

The movie has an over simplistic feel going along with a small town. Sometimes I felt it was not real if you know what I mean. There were some interesting characters like Pug Rothbaum played by Richard Dreyfus. Check out Lucy DeVito as Miss Greestein who had a crush for Bill. There were some interesting scenes with Janet played by Keri Russell reciting poems. Small town school teacher who catches huge catfish, well if that’s not your dream girl something wrong with you (just kidding) but her reciting poems she got my attentions. I was surprise with this movie. I didn’t think much about it. I was undecided what to rent. It was a good movie very entertaining story and very good cast. I think a lot of praise to Edward Norton for once again performing unique characters.


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