The Killer Inside Me

I was curious of past work from director Michael Winterbottom. I only recognize The Claim. I think it was a very good movie. I noticed a similar feel with the two movies. The angle or just the focus on each character. A good focus on the characters bringing the story to life. The truth for my interest was the names of the cast. Mainly Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson. Also Casey Affleck who did a great job in Gone Baby Gone. Small parts but very important roles from Elias Koteas and Bill Pullman adds to this film. One hopes with top casting awaits a good film.

Why does someone decide to kill. Perhaps revenge after years of keeping pent up frustration. Once unleashed the killer can’t stop. Lou Ford played by Casey Affleck is this person, his troubles starting from a boy. The movie has a slow pace from the small town community. Lou meets a prostitute Joyce Lakeland played by Jessica Alba. Lou and Joyce begin an affair. Joyce offers to leave town together. She is involved with Elmer Conway played by Jay R. Ferguson. She wants to hustle Elmer for money to give Lou and Joyce a fresh start. Lou sees this as a way to get revenge. I was surprised at the brutal violence. There is some sexual situation that ties to Lou’s youth. It’s clear Lou is one sick puppy. His character so calm and polite is eerie. Lou at first seems his getting away with murder. It’s not long before the walls are closing in. It seems Lou has a taste for killing and he finds his problems only solved by killing again. The entire cast really add to the story. Lots of characters in a small town atmosphere. The movie shows Lou’s youth as an explanation to his outcome. I think its interesting story with some shocking moments.

This movie is not for the shy. Definitely for adults only. I would like to see Alba do more drama she is interesting actress. Kate Hudson showing a strong presence. Both ladies have played the cute romance comedies. This movie is a good step towards more potential of their talent. The one who makes the movie good is Casey Affleck showing more depth as an actor. As disturbing as the violence was. I loved the ending it seem Lou got the better out of everyone. I would definitely watch this movie again. Probably would notice new things in the movie. I love when a movie is interesting enough to see again. With the character Billy Boy Walker played by Bill Pullman. I thought I was in a Lynch movie. So bizarre but hard to look away. Popcorn optional! Small towns scare me!


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