Camacho Corojo

This cigar is been in my humidor for a while. A good looking reddish wrapper. Nice soft touch promising a good smoke. The size is about 5 x 54 I don’t really know for sure but close enough. As I understand its a puro meaning its all a corojo cigar. It seems uncertain to me about a corojo wrapper. Some say its a strong leave. Other cigars with corojo have been medium in strength. I guess depending what else the cigar is comprised. Before lighting the cigar, it doesn’t have any particular smell. It lights very quickly and creating a ton of smoke. The smoke seem smooth with a hint of earthy tone. I loved how much smoke the cigar makes. During the smoke I would tell you this was a medium strength cigar. After I was done smoking this cigar I felt its full strength. I began a sweat develop top of my forehead. Soon following my stomach gets a heavy dose. It’s a strange feeling. Not really sick but close to the point of discomfort. I don’t think I really care for the feeling. I have experienced this before but not as intense as a Camacho cigar. It’s possible an empty stomach might increase this but I don’t know. Another side might be I haven’t been smoking much these days. I prefer more of a medium strength cigar. It shows me how full flavor and full body are very different aspect of cigars. An example reminds me of Sancho Panza double maduro a full flavor cigar but medium body at least to me. I do remember having a Camacho Havana that had the same feeling after smoking. So this is confusing because I enjoyed the smoke but the price afterwards makes me reluctant to try again.


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