The Experiment 2010

Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker. I have to see this one. I’m not a fan of experiments or human studies of any kind. I think its bull, push a person its just cruel and gets you nowhere. Anyone who thinks they can study and figure out every situation and predict human nature should be in a criminally insane hospital where they can’t hurt anyone! Yeah! I didn’t think I had it in me oops! Both Brody and Whitaker bring their unique talents to the show. Very well suited for the roles as inmates and guards.

When in need people will try anything. What I notice Travis played by Adrien Brody had a possible future with a woman he just met. Barris played by Forest Whitaker he was in a situation with his mother not a healthy relationship. I think this sets some of the reactions from the characters. But it could be different from each person. Yet there was an over all feeling of what is right and wrong. In most cases people will lean towards the way of the group and not against it.It’s simple survival not right or wrong. Unless there is a leader they can follow. This is the conflict between Travis and Barris. Travis wants to do the right thing in a non violent way. Barris has never been in real control and is seduced by his new role to control another human. Humans are unpredictable and very interesting. A story with a lot of violence may entertain some but give it a background as to why and it becomes a complex story. Who can say how they would act in an intense situation. The cast was a good compliment to the story. Clifton Collins Jr. is an interesting guy but a small role here thats too bad.

Overall very intense drama. I thought the pace was good. Don’t want some long boring scene with little effect. I recommend viewing such flick. Makes the comedies so much sweeter you know. One last thing I almost forgot. The cameras every where just watching no response of any kind would drive me crazy. Then you get your money after all that bull I’ll show you behavioral experiment!


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