The Secret in their Eyes 2009

This movie is a love story disguised as a crime drama. A coworker mention he didn’t rent this movie because of subtitles. Its a shame because I really love foreign films. Usually foreign films focus more on the story than any special effects. I don’t know if the actors are well known but they did a great job. Honestly the story of the crime is very interesting. Its a movie that is very well in all areas. Well except there was no special effects of wacky dubbed voice over, that would have been terrible.

Ricardo Darin plays Benjamin Esposito. Now retired looks to start as a writer. His subject a crime with a lot of questions. A young lady had been raped and killed. The story goes back and forth as Benjamin recalls how it all began. Part of the story includes Irene Menendez Hastings. Benjamin’s boss and the woman he holds dear in his heart. His friend and coworker Pablo Sandoval played by Guillermo Francella. Pablo likes to drink and Benjamin is always helping his friend. I like how well the movie moves from past to present day. My favorite aspect of the movie is the love that never becomes from Benjamin and Irene. Usually because life keeps getting in the way. Pable Rago plays Ricardo Morales as an ambitious man tried to solve the crime by pinning it to a couple of men who were worked over that signed a confession. Benjamin and Pablo find the killer. After some back door deals made, the killer is set free. Further along Benjamin and Irene plan a diner together. As life presents problems his good friend Pablo is murdered. Pablo is at Benjamin’s house to sleep off a drunk bout. Some men arrive and ask Pablo if he is Benjamin. Realizing the situation Pablo tells the men he is Benjamin.

The final piece of the crime comes at a surprise to me. It’s nice to be surprised. Finally at the end Benjamin decides the only important thing is to be with the woman he loves. It all ties together love and friendship. It appears I’m a sucker for love stories, who knew! I was really taken by Soledad Villamil’s character. She was so patient respecting the man she loved. I don’t think I have seen an Argentinian movie before. The trailer in the movie show Benjamin and Irene at the train station. Not really much to that scene. This time the movie was better than the trailer. I guess the trailer was interesting enough for me to rent. I definitely recommend this movie. There have been several movies I’ve seen lately I didn’t bother to write about. I needed a good one.


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