Lorna’s Silence 2008

This movie was an interesting story but a little vague on some points. If you don’t read the premise. The movie is slow to unfold the story. Actually is a slow pace movie. Not necessarily bad perhaps a narrator would of helped. Instead we are left to our own wit and that could be trouble. Once we get the story line this little gem starts to shine.

Lorna played by Arta Dobroshi an Albanian lady who marries a Belgium junkie. The plan is simple they pick a junkie because if he overdoses its unlikely there are any questions from the law. Making Lorna free to remarry to a wealthy Russian who needs to leave his homeland. Lorna has a boyfriend Sokol played by Alban Ukay. They dream of a better life which explains why Lorna is doing this. I’m not sure if they have been doing this before. Fabrizion Rongione plays Fabio his the man behind the scenes with the contacts and the plan.

All is going as plan. Lorna doing her part. Trying to stay focus and not get involved with Claudy played by Jeremie Renier. Claudy decides to quit drugs and ask Lorna to help. This makes it hard to avoid Claudy and Lorna regrets the plan to overdose Claudy eventually done by Fabio. Lorna scrambles to change the plan and save Claudy. To prevent Claudy from using drugs. Lorna has sex with him and appears she gets pregnant. I don’t get this part whether she was pregnant or not. The pressure is mounting but the movie remains at the same pace kind of strange. Claudy is found dead after a quick investigation Lorna is free and clear. They meet the Russian and make plans. Lorna is taken to the hospital to get an abortion. The doctor tells her with stress the pregnancy didn’t take. After a discussion with Lorna, Sokol and Fabio. Next you see them taking money from the bank and splitting the money. Lorna is taken on a different car. Before they leave Fabio ask Lorna for her phone memory card. While driving Lorna suspects they intend to kill her. She manages to escape into the woods.

The ending is rather strange. I’m confused is she pregnant or has the stress gotten to her. The idea of doing anything to get ahead. The things we can live with. Lorna does see her boyfriend Sokol only cared for the money. I really loved Lorna, just a likable character from the beginning. Despite some missing aspect at least to me. I really liked the movie. A movie with a lot a heart thanks to Lorna.


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