Killers 2010

This movie could be like 007 meets the parents. Sounds funny but not as funny as I thought it would be. The story line seem pretty weak. Things like the father is an agent or some one who was a target to be killed. All the neighbors are contract killers. They were so unlikely it was funny. I guess part of my problem with this movie is the mix or action and comedy. I mean killing some one isn’t exactly funny to me. The violence is very tame but still violence just the same.

Starring Ashton Kutcher as contract killer Spencer Aimes. During a job Spencer meets Jen Kornfeldt played by Katherine Heigl. Spencer wants a normal life with Jen and quits his job. I think the chemistry between Spencer and Jen was pretty good but short lived. The movie jumps to three years later being married and living normal lives. There is no real build up to warm up to these characters. Before you know it friends and neighbors are trying to kill Spencer.

Katherine Heigl is looking amazing and I like her in comedy movies. I especially like Knocked up who didn’t. Other good comedies were 27 dresses and The ugly Truth. Aston Kutcher what can I say who likes tall handsome guy, right. I did like the action like the car chase. I think times are changing when you see more fighting with men and woman. Katheryn Winnick plays Vivian who basicly is kicking Spencer’s butt? Kevin Sussman and Alex Borstein play the neighbors least likely to be contract killers which was ridiculously funny. Rob Riggle as Henry was the funniest side of the movie. Tom Selleck as Jen’s father was well Tom Selleck. Catherine O’Hara plays Jen’s mother and she is pretty funny as the drunk in the family.

It’s a cute movie very safe probably good for the whole family. Id say it was a fair movie. Mainly because I thought more laughs were missing. Perhaps if the movie leaned more towards the couples love for each other. But I guess the title is Killers so there is that side of it. Fans of Katherine Heigl can enjoy this fair showing of a adorable actress.


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