Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Not sure what to expect with this movie. I played the video game long ago it seems. The movie didn’t really remind me of the game but maybe because its been awhile. This is a DVD rental I have to say I hate all the pre junk they put into DVD’s. Disney is no different I had to press next over and over. At least Disney didn’t block the function like others do. Disney usually does a top notch effort in what they do. I was surprised not as much special effects but rather more story and acting imagine that. So I think it stand as a good movie on its own with some connection to the video game.

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Dastan a persian bad boy that loves to walk up walls falling on his back, apparently this is fun. The young man loves a challenge and Gyllenhaal makes me belief he could walk the side of buildings. Alfred Molina plays Sheik Amar giving us some comic relieve. His hair looks out of place but funny just the same. Ben Kingsley plays all roles with something special. Here he plays the jealous brother of the king and plots to rule himself. The guy plays interesting roles I think. The pretty Tamina is played by Gemma Arterton very unique look about her. You might remember her in Quantum of Solace. She got covered in oil to piss off James Bond. The movie has a bit of a fast past which works when its an action movie right. I love the time period very eye pleasing. All the back drops were very well done. Really sales the movie.

Disney knows well everything starts with a good story. I liked the story and the few special effects were good. The effect of the dagger taking you back in time was cool. Everything else was very subtle and just mixed in the overall movie. The killers Hassasins were entertaining to me. Before I knew it the movie was over. Good movie for everybody and you don’t need to know anything about video games. Maybe its better not comparing and just enjoying the movie.


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