Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur

With cooler days ahead I decided to step out side and have a smoke. Then the question what to smoke? It’s been a while since I bought cigars. There are always the usual sure smoke. But I decided on Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur. Not exactly sure the size, it’s about 6 x 48. A natural Connecticut shade wrapper. This wrapper is like leather, I mean looks and feels just like leather. The wrapper didn’t have much of a smell to it which turns out to be curious. On the Internet the description says full flavored or even full bodied. But first the presentation this cigar looks top quality. Once lit I got a bit of a bitter taste. It seem this was going to be a terrible smoke for me. I remember smoking this cigar before it’s been a while but I had good memories of the experience. Giving it a fair chance about a quarter of white ash the cigar settled into a smooth mild cigar. The ash besides being white was very firm in its shape. At one point I noticed a hint of spice but that was it so not very complex. It felt a relaxing smoke and I did enjoy the mildness. Reading a book at the time seem a perfect smoke. Not very creamy, more dry don’t know if this is normal or perhaps my humidor change effecting the smoke is possible. If you buy on line a box of 20 is about $4 each. That is pretty affordable but not jumping up to get. I’ll say again this would only be the second cigar I have smoke of the same brand. Not exactly the best to say more. The midway seem the best part. I left about 1 ½” of the cigar so not too bad. I don’t really like mild cigars I prefer between medium to full bodied. That is probably the biggest factor in buying a box. I’m sure I will buy another single and give it another afternoon smoke.


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