Harry Brown 2009

When I saw the trailer I wanted to see this movie. I was thinking it was something like Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon. This movie was more subtle in its delivery. The movie starts some what slow getting to know Harry Brown and the world he lives in. It slowly builds intensity for a sure clash in the end. Harry Brown reminds us of the world most look away because we can and its easier. Not a jump up and shout movie. But a drama worth watching. Seems at least once in every bodies life comes a time when we see violence of some kind and we look away. This movie forces us to witness a man unable to look away any more.

Starring Michael Caine as Harry Brown. Looking on line on IMDB there is 148 movies with Michael Caine way back to 1950. I had a laugh when Harry was chasing the guy who killed his friend. He has an attack an falls to the ground man that sucks! Michael Caine delivers a good performance to a troubling situation. I think he pretty much leads the entire movie. The hoodlums are the counterpart. Ben Drew plays Noel Winters leading the young criminals. The real shocker to me was the scene with Harry buying a hand gun. Jack O’Connell plays Marky. This guy is scary when the camera looks into his eyes very intense. That was an intense scene could give weaker stomachs nightmares. Emily Mortimer plays a detective Alice Frampton. Emily seems too sweet for this role. Is that chauvinist! She did get her ass kicked. Thats a tough world shes in you have to be ready and tough!

Like I said before definitely worth watching. I really felt for Harry Brown. The ending seem unsatisfying due to the inability of the police and its eagerness to move past events. For the sake of looking good in the eyes of the public. Plenty to talk about with this one. Good late night discussions over some treats. Almost forgot about the quiet bartender with a surprise in the mix. The movie was brutally honest in our worst human nature. I can only hope we as humans aspire to do better.


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