UFC 118 prefight

Nate Diaz vs Marcus Davis

I like Davis but I think his emotions can get in the way of him fighting smart. Davis is a very good striker mixing leg kicks and punches. If he does this I think he has the advantage. Diaz has a good chin and trading punches favors Diaz. On the ground Diaz has the advantage. Davis can keep it standing avoiding clinches and moving picking his strikes he wins. Nate Diaz is tough not an easy fight for either man. Id like to see Davis showing his knockout power. Davis wins decision

Kenny Florian vs Gray Maynard
Kenny “can flow” Florian as much as I would like Kenny to win. I think he’s got a hard fight. Gray “The Bully” Maynard comes at you and does not let up. This is a bad match for Kenny who is more finesse fighter or say traditional kick boxer. Maynard should have an easy time taking him down and pounding a victory. Only if Kenny can kick boxe and beat Maynards legs early maybe. It would take Kenny to really be aggressive. He hasn’t before but I am hoping this could be upset on the night.

Damian Maia vs Mario Miranda
Damian Maia has a chance to get back on track since fighting Marquardt and getting knocked out. His striking needs to have improved enough to avoid walking into a big punch. He needs to realize he can improve striking but to bang with a very good striker not a good idea. Maia on the ground is another story he has dominated opponents on the ground with sweet submissions. I think that is where he needs to take a fight every time. I don’t know much about Miranda but he shows a good record. Probably looking for some ground and pound. Perhaps catching Maia with a strike early. I will lean towards the fighter I have seen a few times. Maia by submissions

Randy Couture vs James Toney
Can the boxer beat the martial arts fighter. I think in a fight any one has a chance. Its very possible Toney lands an upper cut and ends the night quickly. I tend to think after a swing Couture will take Toney down. He took much bigger men down and pounded very good fighters. The surprise to me would be if Toney has some take down defense. Another fact I’m curious about is how fast is Toney. I don’t know much about Toney except the hype on TV. I favor the natural to keep it simple and go with good Ole ground and pound. Randy Couture TKO

Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn

Watching UFC on TV I think Penn has no class. He spoke wrong about St. Pierre that he was a quicker. At their fight it was Penn who quit. Penn says Edgar is yellow and he shouldn’t celebrate give me a break! The guy show no class at all. No one can deny Penn has talent and has beat good opponents. I would never count him out. I believe a fighter can put doubt into Penn. He starts to fade a little every round. There is nothing to say Edgar won’t do the same with the same result remaining the champ. In most rematches fights are similar because the fighter knows his opponent better. If one can improve and confuse his opponent like St. Pierre has done. GSP has been better for rematches. Frankie Edgar knew or found Penn’s number to beating him. Just don’t try anything fancy or different your not use to I see the fight with the same result. Seems to me Penn’s cardio fades as the fight goes on.
Frankie Edgar wins by decision once and for all done!


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