Kick Ass 2010

I heard this movie had some serious fighting and not a kid movie. So coming in I expected some fist fighting teens going at it. I love the idea, why hasn’t any one tried being a super hero. The rational friend replies because in real life you get you ass kicked or worst. What about Batman, he was normal. The scene could go and on. But who has that kind of time. Todays movies claim to be more realistic and bless them for trying, it makes for some entertaining fun.

Aaron Johnson plays Kick-Ass and just a regular teen. But an idea can be dangerous and Dave has an idea. To my surprise Dave makes a terrible hero getting himself stabbed by a couple of hoodlums. Its funny Kick-Ass is a teen who wants to live a fantasy of his comic books. No plan and no skills Kick-Ass is off to a terrible start. He becomes a Internet celebrity because some one video taped Kick-Ass getting an ass kicking. The net minions love him for trying. At his next task to ward off ex boyfriend from his love interest Katie played by Lyndsy Fonseca. His about to get another ass kicking but stepping in and saving him is Hit Girl played by Chloe Moretz who I think steals the movie. Nicolas Cage plays Hit Girls father also as Big Daddy very much like Batman.

Mob boss Frank D’Amico played by Mark Strong does a nice job being a bad guy. His son Chris wants to make good in his fathers eyes. Plans to become a super Hero and join Kick-Ass only to bring him down for his father. Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays Red Mist (Chris D’Amico) which to me brings all the laughs. Crazy hairdo and a bad ass car, the worst guy to be a super Hero. Grandma could kick his ass easily. It’s the funnies thing to see. The bad guys are funny because there not the smartest criminals and its just funny.

The shock to me is how violent Hit Girl is. She is plainly killing everybody. I was wondering if someone made a mistake in the script. Kick-Ass realizes his over his head when and eleven year old just saves him killing every one in the room, including the woman trying to escape. I heard myself saying I thought this was a comedy. Basically I enjoyed it immensely with all the surprises. The story was good and the cast funny and dramatic. A good balance with a so called real life situation. I would definitely watch again prepare the popcorn!


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