After.Life 2009

I read the synopsis sounds like an interesting story. The whole time I’m waiting for something really sinister to happen but nothing. I hope my last hours I don’t spend it with the mortuary guy, they creep me out. The story dives into our fears and regrets which seems pretty natural. Who would ever pass to the after life and think I lived a full life I wouldn’t change anything. Our instinct is to survive in any situation. The definite message we are all not going to make it. Man it’s not a party conversation. I don’t like thinking about it alone. Especially when I don’t have a clue. Even religious folk may think they have the answers. My guess it would be hard to let go. Even a life that may not of been so fulfilling most would hang on as long as they could.

Christina Ricci plays Anna and her boyfriend Paul played by Justin Long do a good job as the troubled couple. Both struggle with the past and regret they did not love each other more. I can’t help it but I always see Christina Ricci as the cute melancholy Wednesday. Justin Long changes things up with this drama. I’m use to seeing him in comedies. I think they both deliver a good performance. Not sure the deal with Anna taking medicine what did she have, I missed what that was about.

Liam Neeson plays Eliot Deacon the mortician. Now Eliot is one strange character. Is he helping the dead or something more. Seem pretty shady and perhaps insane. One must consider talking to the dead might put you on edge. It seems never clear his role beside the obvious job title. I hate when its up in the air. It’s up to the viewer to decide. Hey! I paid to see a story not to tell it myself what bull!! Don’t get me started on the boy Jack played by Chandler Canterbury. I thought Eliot was obscure then they throw Jack a future mortician (I see dead people). Jack buries a baby chick thinking its better than living and suffer. Seems pretty insane to me. Eliot would say many times “you people”. Whats up with this character. I don’t like when they leave you hanging. I think they ran out of ideas for the story.

For way off beat the movies gets a lot of credit from me. Eliot’s role rather bleak is part of the strange story. I guess it adds to the mystery of it all. It’s not exactly a feel good movie. Try bringing death as a topic with mixed company see how long it takes for you to be standing alone staring at your drink. For me it was too much curiosity to not see this movie. I’m not jumping up and down telling every one not to miss this flick. Still creative and perhaps worthy topic to ponder. One could say to appreciate the time you have and make the most of it. Cause you never know. See just kind of depressing without really trying. Those you don’t like the main stream cinema with all its typical formulas. This move is worth a see. Just make sure to buckle up when driving. Otherwise enjoy the wonderful magic of movies.


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