Clash of the Titans 2010

I was trying to remember the previous movie in 1981. I can’t remember the movie at all. The cool thing about older classic tales is today the CGI is so much better. The giant scorpions looked very good. I have to be a little picky the fight sequence seem weak. I would think this would be a more intricate story to match the good affects, again I don’t know if this is the story. I’m surprised very little character build up. Hey this is all new to me. Tell me a little more background to build a climatic ending. This was lacking and so not the most memorable flick.

The CGI is king and entertaining enough for movie night. I liked Madusa there have been many versions. Mainly Madusa is a snake with a womans torso. I just like the whole Madusa tale. Another favorite is the horse Pegasus. Who wouldn’t want a horse with wings, flying all over the place. If I was a kid I would love watching this movie with all the classic characters. Not to say I didn’t like the movie I just think it lacked some ingredients to make a great movie.

Sam Worthington does a good job as the half human half god Perseus. To me the interesting character was Ralph Fiennes as Hades. I just like Fiennes he brings a lot to a character. Lastly I thought adding to an interesting character was Gemma Arterton as Lo. She was a guardian of Perseus from baby to man. I guess she never aged as her curse. I could think of worst things to live with. Over all worth the rental especially if this story is new to you like me.


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